Hello! You have accidentally stumbled onto the page where I have posted most of the short stories that I've written. For your health, I have ordered these stories in the order from the best to worst in quality. The ones at the bottom of the list really stink. Don't read them. The ones that were written by "Rosey" are so awful that I didn't even give myself credit for writing it.

The Stories Index

  1. Dudley's Adventure in Sporting Goods
  2. comedy
  3. The Mammoth Space Torpedo Affair
  4. sci-fi/comedy (A Rod & Georgette Story)
  5. Gahhh! My Cafeteria is Being Run by Bolsheviks!
  6. essay/comedy
  7. Travels With a Frustrated Calculus Student
  8. comedy/off-the-wall
  9. Don's School Board Meeting
  10. play/comedy
  11. His Mother and His Grief
  12. surreal/drama
  13. Caught With My Hand Up the Petticoat!
  14. comedy/monologue
  15. An Ode to My Socks
  16. comedy/monologue
  17. I Was a Teenaged Poet
  18. essay/comedy (A Steven P. Danes Essay)
  19. Rod's Peculiar Encounter
  20. horror/comedy (A Rod & Georgette Story)
  21. The Musical Moonmen
  22. sci-fi/surreal
  23. 51 Ways to Tell if You're Possessed By Demons
  24. essay/comedy
  25. My Mechanical Pencil Hath Run Out of Lead
  26. comedy/monologue
  27. Why I Should Quit My Job (Because It Could Prove to Have Irreplacable Damage to My Sex Life)
  28. comedy/monologue
  29. The Principal's Office
  30. comedy (A Steven P. Danes Story)
  31. 2002 Music Year in Review
  32. essay/comedy
  33. Jake's African Violet
  34. comedy
  35. How Orville Won the Lottery
  36. comedy
  37. A Scientist's Tale
  38. comedy
  39. The Semi-Official Viewer's Guide to the Sound of Music
  40. essay/comedy
  41. Group Therapy
  42. comedy
  43. My Once Love
  44. drama/romance
  45. How to Vanish Forever
  46. children's/fable
  47. The Philosophical Quesions of Life
  48. essay/comedy
  49. Your Daily Horoscope
  50. comedy
  51. Don Ignacio's Certifiable Pedigree-Siberian-Hamster Mix Tape for the Romantic Soul and for Men Who Want to Get Slapped Mix Vol. 6.5
  52. essay/comedy
  53. Why Beavers Should Run the Public Libraries
  54. essay/comedy (A Steven P. Danes Essay)
  55. The Masculine Metaphor Man!
  56. comedy (A Steven P. Danes Story)
  57. The Game Show Sketch
  58. comedy/play
  59. The Billboard Siren
  60. romance/surreal
  61. Le Probleme Du Parking
  62. essay/comedy (Written by Rosey)
  63. Rosey and His International Band of Crazies
  64. comedy/surreal (Written by Rosey)
  65. Call Me Tarquin
  66. comedy/surreal (Written by Rosey)